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Privacy Policy

We thank you for visiting our site, contacting us or purchasing items from our shop. In compliance with 2018's GDPR regulations we want to be clear about how we process your information on this site.

Under no circumstances do we share your information with any third parties or store that information on any external system accessible by any third parties.

If you have purchased items from our online shop the information you provide at checkout is used primarily to process your order, contact you with any queries and send your order to you. You provide an email address and postal address and you have the option to provide a telephone number. All forms of information you provide are kept solely to fulfil your purchase. You will only be contacted outside of receiving your items if there is an issue with your order or we need some information to fulfil it. You are not automatically added to any marketing materials but you will receive automated emails informing you of shipping. We do not store any payment information on this site and all payments are processed via either Stripe or Paypal.

If you have contacted us using the online form your email is submitted so we can reply to your query. You are not automatically added to any marketing communications and aside from responding to your queries you won't receive any additional communications from us.

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